All Back No Front #26

“The audience is the root of the problem, not the people making it. Because of our business, because of the record industry, they have access to such a wealth of music that they don’t want to hear anything new. We’re listening to dead music all the time now, we’re not listening to new music”

 George Martin, speaking to Paul Du Noyer in 1998

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1. Brother’s Rap ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (Numero) from ‘1st Annual Inner-City Talent Expo’

2. Slowthai ‘Jiggle’ (via Soundcloud)

3. Jons ‘Don’t Complain’ (Gary Cassettes) from ‘Serfs of Today’

4. The Comet is Coming ‘Space Carnival’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Channel the Spirits’

5. Anna Rose Carter & Pleq ‘My Piano is Broken’ (1631) from ‘My Piano is Broken’

6. Klangstof ‘Hostage’ (Mind of a Genius)

7. Klaus Johan Grobe ‘Wo Sind’ (Trouble in Mind) from album ‘Spagat der Liebe’

8. Useless Eaters ‘Temporary Mutilation’ (Slovenly) from ‘Temporary Mutilation’

9. Roza Roza ‘-’ (Mörk/Lobster Theremin) from ‘-’

10. Mal Devisa ‘Everybody Knows’ (via Bandcamp) from ‘Kiid’

11. Mitski ‘Your Best American Girl’ (Dead Oceans) from ‘Puberty 2’

12. Weird Dreams ‘Heaven’s Hounds’ (Tough Love) from album ‘Luxury Alone’

13. Darlene Shrugg ‘Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card’ (via Bandcamp)

14. Hoops ‘Feelin Fine’ (Warm Ratio) from ‘Tape #3’

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