All Back No Front #24

An All Back No Front podcast with old songs, new songs, and songs selected (months ago) by ABNF Guest Informant: Jesse Locke.

As well as bringing music by New Fries and Johnny (not to be confused with Roger) de Courcy, Torontonian writer Jesse was good enough to join me in my Canadian hotel room to chat about the decline of blog culture and his work as part of Weird Canada, one of my favourite ever MP3 blogs. We also talk about the legacy of Women and how he’s become known in some quarters as The Saucer Guy, having obsessed over and written liner notes (not to mention an upcoming book) for cult 70s outfit Simply Saucer.

There’s also sinister space disco from Jascha Hagen, twin-guitar art rock from Seattle’s Neighbor, PAN-signed electronica courtesy of Liverpudlian Ling and an exhilaratingly angry slab of righteous fury (and probably the best thing I’ve heard this year) by Auckland’s Trust Punks. 

, if you like.

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1. The Five Canadians ‘Writing on the Wall’ (Domar, 1966)

2. Trust Punks ‘Leaving Room for the Lord’ (Spunk) via Soundcloud

3. Josephine Foster ‘Blue Roses’ (Fire) from ‘No More Lamps in the Morning’

4. Jascha Hagen ‘Pan That Shit Out of Your Brain’ (Mana-All-Nite)

5. Neighbors ‘Secret’ (Light in the Attic) from album ‘Very Expensive Jewelry’

6. New Fries ‘Uncle Carmin Cruise Ship Cuba’ (Pleasence) from ‘Fresh Face Forward’

Guest Informant: Jesse Locke

7. Johnny de Courcy ‘Master Manipulator’ (Euth Coast Records) from ‘Master Manipulator’ EP

8. Ling ‘44 Blue (Codes 03)’ (PAN/Codes) from ‘Attachment’ EP

9. milk ‘Marmalade’ (via Bandcamp) from ‘Late Bloomer’ EP

10. Cindy Lee ‘Last Train’s Come and Gone’ (CCQSK) from album ‘Act of Tenderness’

11. Catholic Action ‘Honk If You’re Lonely’ (Fuzzkill) from ‘Under The Covers’ compilation

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