All Back No Front #23

ABNF_23AThis is a good story about Bo Diddley and his beat.

And on this new podcast, my first for quite a while, there’s another, somewhat less poetic tale of the man’s stagecraft.

You will also hear Diddley’s startling 1970 operatic funk face off with Cornelia Redmond alongside twelve other (newer) songs.

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@jonhillcock for anything.

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1. Moss Lime ‘Bottom Feeder’ (Telephone Explosion) from ‘Zoo du Québec’ mini album

2. Kane Strang ‘Things Are Never Simple’ (BaDaBing) from ‘Blue Cheese’ album

3. Za! ‘Mundo Estrella’ (The Audacious Art Experiment/Hot Salvation Records) from album ‘Loloismo’

4. Infinite Bisous ‘Life & You’ (Tasty Morsels) 12” single

5. Skee Mask ‘South Mathematikz’ (Ilian Tape)

6. Pink Street Boys ‘Pink Street Blues’ (12 Tónar) from album ‘Hits #1’

7. Bo Diddley (w/Cornelia Redmond) ‘I Don’t’ Like You’ (Future Days/Light in the Attic) from album ‘The Black Gladiator’ (1970, reissued 2012)

8. Czardust (Ohbliv & Rhoetoric Wallace) ‘THEMIX’ (via Soundcloud)

9. Ulrika Spacek ‘Beta Male’ (Tough Love) from ‘The Album Paranoia’

10. Good Morning ‘Give Me Something To Do’ (Solitaire) from EP ‘Glory’

11. Zena ‘And Then I Died’ (Bandcamp) from album ‘and sometimes jazz’

12. Skating Polly ‘Oddie Moore’ (Chap Stereo) from album ‘The Big Fit’

13. Louis O’Bryen ‘Down Stream’ (via Soundcloud)

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