All Back No Front #22


15 Places to Visit For Afternoon Tea Before You Die.

15 Ways to Wear a Green Army Jacket.

10 Practical Uses For Dog Hair.

Three actual lists I saw online last week, and here’s another for you now.

16 new songs varying in style, tone, texture and tempo, all of which you don’t necessarily have to hear before you die.

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1. Dilly Dally ‘Desire’ (Partisan) from album ‘Sore’

2. Girl Band ‘Paul’ (Rough Trade) from album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’

3. Uhlife ‘No Ebola’ (via Soundcloud) from ‘Lofye’ EP

4. Edmondson ‘Caraiba’ (Lissoms) from ‘Nocturnal 92’ EP

5. Vacation ‘Wish I Could Be Someone Else’ (Don Giovanni) from album ‘Non-Person’

6. Fish Food ‘Untitled’ (via YouTube)

7. Girls Names ‘A Hunger Artist’ (Tough Love) from album ‘Arms Around a Vision’

8. Kurt Inder ‘Summer Song’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Soft Things’

9. Frankie Broyles ‘Capturer’ (Lefse) 7” single

10. Majical Cloudz ‘Silver Car Crash’ (Matador) from album ‘Are You Alone?’

11. Rushing Silver ‘NGLF ft Naomi K’ (via Soundcloud)

12. Milo + Open Mike Eagle + Busdriver + Nick Diamonds + Kenny Segal + Nalepa ‘Another One of Mine’ (via Soundcloud)

13. Carby ‘Speechless’ (No Pain in Pop) from ‘Bedroom Club III’ compilation

14. Grubs ‘Windwaker’ (Reeks of Effort / Tuff Enuff) from album ‘It Must Be Grubs’

15. Blank Realm ‘Palace of Love’ (Fire) from album ‘Illegals in Heaven’

16. Mike Garry & Joe Duddell ‘St. Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson (Andrew Weatherall Remix)’ (Skinny Dog) 12” single

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