All Back No Front #20


Front teeth whistling with every sibilant, my English teacher, Mrs Whittaker, taught us that the opening line of whatever you write is the most important.

From “False happiness is on the rise, see the victims piled high” to “The sun comes out and sets a bad example”, there are some choice opening lyrics on this podcast.

That said, the first line you’ll hear on ABNF #20 appears to be “The rap Kojak Telly Savalas, doped up off the trees like a walrus.”

I’m not sure Mrs Whittaker would have approved.

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1. Gangrene ‘Hot Pillow’ (Mass Appeal) from album ‘You Disgust Me’

2. Protomartyr ‘Why Does It Shake?’ (Hardly Art) from album ‘The Agent Intellect’

3. Matthias Reiling ‘Outpace’ (Smallville) from ‘Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr’ EP

4. Beef Jerk ‘Move Into the Ocean’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Tragic’

5. New Dog ‘23’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Classic Ballroom Dances’

6. Nico Muhly ‘Response to The Wilson Diptych (excerpt)’ from the National Gallery Soundscapes exhibition

7. Ought ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’ (Constellation) from album ‘Sun Coming Down’

8. Loyle Carner ‘Tierney Terrace’ (paradYse)

9. Blood Warrior ‘Desolate Ways’ (Immune Recordings) from album ‘Letter Ghost’

10. Hey Anna ‘Don’t Talk Stop’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Run Koko’

11. Kiiara ‘Gold’ (-) from ‘Meet Me in the Cornfield’ EP

12. Transistor Ray ‘Voice Over of a Generation’ (-) from album ‘Living in the Pastiche’

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