All Back No Front?

The Hillcock Loft

All Back No Front is an independent new music podcast, compiled and presented by Jon Hillcock in his shabby South East London loft. The podcast was named New Noise until summer 2012, when Refused reformed.

All Back No Front is free and can be streamed or downloaded directly, or via Soundcloud or Mixcloud. You can also subscribe via iTunes, or a variety of other means via this RSS feed.

To suggest music that ought to be included on All Back No Front email, or contact Jon via twitter @jonhillcock.

Jon Hillcock? 

Jon Hillcock is a music fan and radio broadcaster. He has presented a variety of music programmes on a number of different radio stations.

He currently deputises on BBC Radio 6 Music (where he provides cover for Tom Ravenscroft, Steve LamacqTom Robinson, Gideon Coe and Marc Riley among others), and formerly presented both specialist and daytime radio at  Xfm, Domino Radio, NME Radio and BBC Radio 2.

Jon has also contributed to various music publications and websites, including NME, Q magazine and Clash Magazine, for whom he writes a monthly live music column. He is also an experienced voiceover artist and music consultant. Enquiries of any scale are welcome, via

Oh, and ‘All Back No Front’? It’s a
Seinfeld thing.