August: Delicate Steve / Empty Pools / Negative Pegasus

Delicate Steve's calling

Playing a debut UK show on Friday 31st August will be New Jersey’s Delicate Steve, along with Bristol’s Empty Pools and Negative Pegasus of Brighton.

Delicate Steve plays a guitar – and an array of other instruments – like no one else you’ve ever heard. Long-time fan Michael Azerrad once said their/his music is “imbued with what can only be called a sense of joy and wonder that speaks louder than words”.

Delicate Steve’s new album ‘Postive Force’ will make your day better and the hairs on your arms dance.  At least that’s what it does for me.

I’ve also managed to convince the magnificent Empty Pools to schlep all the way up the M4 to play on the night, which will be wonderful, but only if blistering hard-psych South-coasters Negative Pegasus haven’t already fried our faces off.

If all this wasn’t enough, at various points on the night you will also hear records plucked from the bowing shelves of one Stevie Chick. Having enjoyed his words and opinions for years (via such esteemed publications as Plan B, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Stool Pigeon and about a hundred other magazines and newspapers AND his respected tomes on the likes of Sonic Youth and Black Flag) I’m enormously excited to hear what he will bring to the party.

And what a party it promises to be.

Tickets are just £6.50 in advance and are on sale here. Y’know. Be quick.

The Facebook event page with more information is here.

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